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At Roviden, we believe that when our clients shine, so do we. While the pursuit of looking good can often come with a hefty price tag, our mission is to make quality fashion accessible without breaking the bank. Our aim is simple: to provide exceptional value that keeps you coming back for more. Specializing in top-of-the-line African clothing, bridal dresses, aso-ebi, and prom dresses, we offer a curated selection of ready-to-wear garments. However, our commitment to customization sets us apart. We understand that individual tastes vary, which is why we gladly accept orders for tailored designs, ensuring your outfit perfectly reflects your unique style and preferences. So, whether you're seeking the perfect ensemble for a special occasion or simply looking to elevate your everyday wardrobe, trust Roviden to deliver unparalleled quality and affordability, because looking good shouldn't cost a fortune.


Meet Roviden, a small family-owned business nestled in the heart of Baltimore, Maryland, where creativity and passion intertwine to create stunning designs. Hi, I'm Lawretta Eseruoma, a proud wife and mother of two, and the driving force behind Roviden. My journey in the world of design began at the tender age of 15, back in Nigeria. Little did I know that my passion for crafting beautiful pieces would lead me across continents to the United States. Upon arriving in the States, I knew that continuing my pursuit of design was non-negotiable. Starting anew in a foreign land wasn't without its challenges. As an unknown entity in the industry, attracting clients proved to be an uphill battle. But fueled by my unwavering passion, I persevered. Slowly but surely, my dedication bore fruit, and clients began to trickle in. However, as demand grew, it became evident that I couldn't do it all alone. Thus, I made the decision to expand and bring others on board. Witnessing my designs come to life on my clients fills me with immense joy and satisfaction. Whether it's the glitz and glamour of a prom night or the timeless elegance of a bride on her wedding day, the happiness my creations bring is unparalleled. Despite the success, life threw its curveballs. Balancing the demands of running a business with raising an autistic child presented its own set of challenges. Nevertheless, our family tackled each obstacle with resilience and love. In the past, we dabbled in the online marketplace with an eBay store, but as priorities shifted with my children starting school, we refocused our efforts on serving our local clientele in Maryland. Then, the global pandemic hit, halting our operations temporarily. But adversity breeds innovation, and we adapt in the face of uncertainty. Launching our online store was thrilling, driven by my burning desire to share my designs with a wider audience. From dressing countless young ladies for their proms to crafting exquisite bridal wear, our designs transcend age and occasion. Each piece tells a story, and it's a privilege to be a part of our client's special moments. So, whether you're a seasoned patron or a newcomer to the world of Roviden, welcome. Join us as we continue to weave dreams into reality, one stitch at a time.

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